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Microsoft trims 'Longhorn' to deliver to consumers on-time
  Posted by: AceBHound on Apr 10th, 2004 12:18 AM
"Microsoft has talked about a lot of features and functionality for Longhorn, and as it starts to talk about shipping the product it is quite natural that some features get postponed or cut," Cherry said. "In fact, it is almost a good sign that they are starting to be realistic about the amount of work they can get done in a defined period of time."

Until today, Microsoft basically said it could do almost anything with Longhorn and presented it as a panacea for all Windows headaches, Cherry said. "You could almost joke that anything you did not like about the existing Windows was going to be fixed by Longhorn. Although that was a good and glorious goal, it was not realistic," he said.

One part of Longhorn where Microsoft might cut back its ambitions is WinFS, the new unified storage system that Gates referred to at PDC as a "Holy Grail." WinFS promises to make it easier for users to find data such as documents and e-mail messages.

Microsoft may decide to limit the functionality of WinFS to users' computers and not extend it to file-sharing servers in a corporate network, according to sources familiar with Microsoft's development plans. Details on the changes to Longhorn were first reported earlier on Friday by BusinessWeek Online.

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