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Ssscat - Cat Repellent Device
  Posted by: AceBHound on Sep 14th, 2006 11:14 PM
Going to take a minute to introduce you with one of my favorite new products.. Ssscat. Yep that's three Sss's (guess two s's wouldn't have gotten the point across). Anyway, it's a brilliant little device that keeps that d@#m cat from annoying you when it wants food at 4:30am, paws on your bedroom door and scratches the carpet. Ssscat is an "automated cat repellent" -- yes, I said "cat repellent". It's Chuck Norris in a can. Need I say more?

Why not spray the cat yourself with a squirt bottle? Well you could.. the first few times, but you see, cat's are intelligent creatures and learn quickly that as soon as you open the door they should bolt since you're probably going to squirt them. Now we all know Chuck Norris would have the reflexes to deal with this situation, but for everyone else there's Ssscat. It has a built in motion detector and automated spray mechanism so as soon as kitty starts his/her bad behavior it's immediately (and humanely) reprimanded by a scentless, ozone friendly, nontoxic spray.

If you haven't seen the Ssscat Demonstration Video yet.. and you probably haven't if you're a dog lover, definitely check it out. It's short.. but oh so sweet if you've ever had an annoying cat mess with your sleep schedule. Ssscat works as advertised and is now allowing yours truly to get a full night of sleep again.

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