Saturday May 18, 2024

LCD Status Monitor
  Posted by: AceBHound on Dec 24th, 2001 6:17 PM has a cool article on wiring up and programming an LCD for use with your computer. LCDs are certainly nothing new in computers.. I've seen them in drive bays of some of the demo PCs at computer shows and I'd assumed they were part of a high-end sound card. I just never really thought about some of the practical uses of LCDs because I've always pictured them being used for a Winamp spectrum analyzer or something kinda impractical. Using an LCD to monitor cpu temperature or fan speed would be kinda nifty, but I think displaying TOP info on a linux/bsd machine would be pretty cool too. You can write your own programs for it, which pretty much makes it limitless as far as what you want to display on it =) I may have to pick one of these up and play around with it a bit!

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