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Jungle Lord Pinball Machine (Williams System 7)
  Posted by: AceBHound on Aug 23rd, 2010 6:47 PM
The Williams System 7 board I just fixed (with replacing ROMs) was out of a Jungle Lord pinball. The driver board is still messed up from battery corrosion, that'll be next on the list. As it stands, when turned on it blows the solenoid fuse -- and a few of the TIP120 transistors are extremely hot. Didn't surprise me since the battery corrosion leaked on a bunch of these transistors and also some resistors, the relay, etc. I should have cleaned it up first but I get excited when I get the CPU board working on some of these games and just want to try it out. Plus, the driver board didn't seem *too* bad. I have a Jameco order coming with some new transistors and will neutralize the battery acid as best I can, then replace some of those bad TIP120's and probably some of the pre-driver 2n4401 transistors.. but I'll have to wait a week or two to steal Tarzan's babe! You hear that Tarzan, I'm coming for you! I'll try to get update the Repair Log in a week or two when I make some progress.

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