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New projects / Update
  Posted by: AceBHound on Sep 21st, 2003 5:45 PM
Greetings all =) I've been busy with my new job at Onpoint Systems, so haven't had many new projects going on. I just purchased some surround sound components, but found that the receiver has a crackle in the right front channel (my luck), so maybe I'll work with that some in the future to see if it's fixable. As for this site, I'm really hoping to get more content posted and bring the initial idea of a searchable "review engine" into light. Hopefully Rockstar and I can get started on our MAME machine within the next year =) I feel a code re-write and either a redesign or at least design-cleanup is needed as well.. so perhaps over the following months I can get a better idea of what direction I want this site to go in. In any case, all of my personal site endevour energy will go into Techdose, because I'm phasing out and still have interest in creating a site that is useful to more than just a handful of people =)

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