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More Updates
  Posted by: AceBHound on Apr 14th, 2012 7:58 PM
I've been light on posting in the last few months since I've had some house projects going on and have been trying to tackle some other items on the to-do list. That should change over the next few months now that I'll have some time to work on projects again & hopefully get some more repairs posted.

Got the Williams Pinball CPU tester fully built & working. The cables took quite a while, but I have most if not all of the cables for System 3-7 & System 9/11 made up now and did some quick testing. May still have an issue or two to work out with cables, but that was a large item checked off the to-do list with money wrapped up in components for it.

Hot Tub (Jacuzzi Quanta from the 80s) is repaired -- another huge project that was drawn out over several months.

Recently worked on a true "System 11" (not 11A, 11B, etc) board from out of a Road Kings. It has an LED digit display, versus the 2 led lights on the MPU board. It had alkaline damage which looked like it would be fairly easy to clean up, but turned out that most of the traces running to the 6821 PIA's under the battery holder were destroyed. Decided to clean it up and use ribbon cable to run new connections. Still working out some issues with this board.. will get some pics/repair info posted eventually.

That's all for now, lots of other stuff in the works. Gearing up to work on a bunch of project machines that have been sitting for the last year. Lots of tools and components purchased, lots of money going out.. but it'll be good to get some of these machines fully working.

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