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Ready for Projects!
  Posted by: AceBHound on Sep 30th, 2012 10:56 AM
Just got back from a *much needed* 2 week vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I love it there, so calm and relaxing listening to the ocean and watching the waves. We had a lot of good luck with weather this year too, lots of sunny days without a cloud in the sky.. just beautiful! It also finally gave me a chance to get totally away from computers and technical thought -- aside from checking personal email once in a while and keeping up a little bit with pinball news =) I feel recharged for the first time in a while and although it's a bit sad for the vacation to be over, I'm very optimistic and excited to get into some house projects and electronic/pinball projects over the fall and winter months.

First things first though -- I somehow managed to sell a number of things while I was on vacation. Sortof interesting how that happens. I don't have an "eBay store" so instead of just ending my listings I put some large red text in the item descriptions indicating I was on vacation and orders would not ship till I got back. So what happens? Two days into the vacation I have 2 eBay orders.. a few days later another.. then a few more towards the end of the vacation. So have to get all the packages ready, most of the items are pre-made so should have just about everything shipped tomorrow. Very cool to have received some sales while I was away, hopefully that means fall sales will pick up since summer sales were slower. Then since it's time to tackle quarterly sales tax for this small business activities I'm involved in since I didn't get a chance to do that before I left. The nice thing with having to run quarterly figures is it keeps you in-check for the year and you have a good idea of how sales are doing every 3 months. A necessary evil so to speak.

Beyond that, I finally bought a new laptop so I'll be getting it setup and files/email moved from my desktop. I'm now going to use a laptop as my primary machine -- in the past I've had both a desktop and laptop but usually have used the desktop as my main computer. The desktop stays on practically 24/7 and I used to game on the PC a lot more, have Media Center running with tv tuner cards and other peripherals hooked up that required a desktop. But I'm not gaming or using my computer as a DVR any more so no need for a desktop sucking up a lot more power & making our computer room hot. Once the laptop's all setup I'll get my desktop reformatted for my parents since it's about 5 years newer than theirs and way overpowered for their use even today.

Then it's time to get organized. Hoping to take a step back and see all the piles of electronic parts, papers, schematics, circuit boards, books, materials for building products, etc and really get thinking about how to organize them the best way. I don't expect to get everything organized overnight but any organization is a step in the right direction and will save time for future repairs and when creating/selling/shipping products. So.. organize, repair stuff, work on house, work on new products .. will be the tune for quite some time around here and I'm looking forward to every bit of it!

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