Saturday May 18, 2024

Announcing: Bally/Stern Bench LED Display
  Posted by: AceBHound on
Okay this one is long overdue, but I finally had a prototype made up of a display design I was working on for classic Bally/Stern pinball machines & decided to make it into a bench testing display. You connect it to a Bally or Stern MPU board & you can then press momentary switches to switch between the different players. Very useful at the bench since you can then verify the game is ACTUALLY BOOTING and when used with other testing equipment you can actually simulate a game and view all the player's scores. Plus you can enter switch test mode and test all the switch circuitry that way too :)
More Information on the Display

I'm glad to finally see something come of this project since it's been sitting in a mess of wires for over a year. I started out with making the display portion and then had put the rest of it on a bread board. I was really shooting for full-size displays that could be used in a machine, but there are a lot of other considerations with power, long-term use, etc.. so I just decided to go ahead and shrink the design down & make it a testing tool. I'm happy with the results and can finally clean up that mess of wires!

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