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Repair Log

Game Consoles

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero Les Paul Controller - Button Repair
Posted: 05/24/2010
Repairing non-working buttons on a Guitar Hero Les Paul controller.

General Electronics

Fixing a Stackpole Momentary Keyboard / Key Pad Switch
Posted: 05/24/2012
Had a device from the early-80s with a keypad and one of the keys was not working. Could not find a suitable replacement, so decided to fix the switch.

Repairing a FitnessQuest Edge 491 Exercise Bike Computer
Posted: 08/14/2011
Repairing a non-functioning exercise bike computer

Other Arcade

Replacing Chase / Rope Light Bulbs on Bug Bash Skeeball
Posted: 05/18/2010
Replacing miniature bulbs in a rope light for a skeeball machine called "Bug Bash"

Other Computer

Netgear GS108 8-port Gigabit Switch Repair
Posted: 01/20/2010
Repairing a Netgear GS108 Switch that stopped working and was blinking each of the ethernet port activity lights in unison.


Data East Lethal Weapon 3 - Various Repairs
Posted: 02/09/2012
Some repairs on a Lethal Weapon 3 pinball machine that was heavily routed. High voltage issue, burnt connectors, CPU not booting.

Williams Diner Pinball - Non-working Saucer Flash Lamps
Posted: 09/18/2011
Repair of non-working Saucer flash lamps on a Williams Diner pinball.

Whirlwind Pinball Repair - Intermittent Fan/Blower
Posted: 08/31/2011
This repair dealt with an intermittent fan/blower issue on a Whirlwind Pinball.

Whirlwind Pinball Repair - Crackling/Missing Sound Issue
Posted: 08/31/2011
Fixing crackling/intermittent sounds on a Whilrlwind Pinball Machine.

Fixing a Flickering Display in a Stern MPU-200 (Flight 2000)
Posted: 08/07/2011
Display issues are pretty common in these early solid state machines like Flight 2000. Often aged solder joints cause issues, but not in this case.

Repairing Non-working Solenoids on a Stern Nugent
Posted: 07/30/2011
Just a short repair log of 3 non-working coils on a solenoid board in a Stern Nugent.

Repairing an Electrical Plug With Ground Pin Cut Off
Posted: 05/15/2011
How to repair an A/C electrical plug with ground pin cut off by using a new grounded plug adapter.

Stern SB-100 Sound Board - Missing Tone
Posted: 05/08/2011
Missing tone on an SB-100 sound card

Non-working Gottlieb Gold Wings Air Siren
Posted: 04/15/2011
Repairing a non-working Gottlieb Gold Wings Air Siren

Stern Hot Hand / MPU-100 - Scoring Issue
Posted: 03/26/2011
Had an mpu-100 from a Hot Hand that scored incorrectly. Turned out to be a bad 5101.

Whirlwind Pinball Repair - Battery Corrosion / Display Repair
Posted: 02/20/2011
Fixing a battery corrosion, display issue and sound issue with a Williams Whirlwind Pinball.

Playfield Touchup / Decaling - Williams Whirlwind
Posted: 02/01/2011
Cosmetic touch-up work performed on a badly damaged Williams Whirlwind playfield.

Gottlieb System 80 MPU Repair - Ready, Aim, Fire!
Posted: 01/23/2011
Repairing a Gottlieb System 80 MPU with battery corrosion damage.

Repairing Out-Gassed / Weak 7 Digit Display on a Data East Laser War Pinball
Posted: 10/17/2010
Repairing a 7 digit numeric display on a Data East Laser War.

Repairing a Stern MPU-100 Pinball Board With Battery Corrosion Damage
Posted: 05/23/2010
Repairing a badly corroded Stern MPU-100 cpu board.

Repairing a Data East Last Action Hero Magnet Controller Board
Posted: 05/23/2010
Repairing a magnet controller board in a Data East Last Action Hero.